Tuesday, January 24, 2012

cowboy party, part 2: details & decoration

. . .

so here's the skinny on everything that went into our little shindig (with sources & all) . . .

the table was set with breakfast goodies that I would imagine to be typical suburban cowboy fare: trail mix, sausage biscuits, cheesy grits . . . and donut holes?

kiddos sipped on apple juice tied up in screen printed muslin gold rush bags, while mom & pop enjoyed spiked cactus punch (aka mimosa with a cowboy moniker).

for food presentation, a sweet & savory trail mix was tucked into mini lunch bags and tied with twine.
4oz coffee cups & wooden forks (affixed with fabric tape) were used to dish out cheesy grits, and the  donut holes were served atop craft sticks . . . because what could be more fun than a donut on a stick?

the cupcakes were decorated with steer head picks cut from black card stock, and glittery fool's gold sanding sugar, all in a sweet little bandana baking cup.

upon arrival, everyone suited up with hats, bandannas, badges, and mustaches cut in the same way as the cake toppers.

games & activities consisted of the old standby pin-the-mustache-on-the-cowboy (constructed by yours truly, using various colors of card stock); a craft table full of markers, crayons & foam cowboy stickers; and a cowboy boot piƱata to round out the theme.

oh, and of course we had a photobooth set up, just for fun.

at the end of the party, all the cowboys rode off into the sunset on their very own homemade steed, with a screen printed loot bag full of plenty of goodies in tow.

phew! I think that pretty much covers it.

more photos coming soon: the festivities, and the making of those horses.


paper goods--Paper Source, Fort & Field, Garnish
party supplies--Amazon
crafting tools--Paper Source
cooking gear--William Sonoma


  1. Just adorable! Juice box covers are genius!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. This is wonderful! My nephew is the complete little cowboy and this would be so cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love, love this party! The juice box covers are adorable!

  4. where can i purchase the juice box covers?

    1. I purchased the muslin bags from Amazon (link below), and screen printed the design on the front.


    2. How did you screen print the bags?

  5. i want all of it. they look so cool, the cakes look so yummy.

  6. I just watched how to screen print on youtube. It looks like a pretty lengthy process. Did you do all that work for each one? Or is there some simpler method?

    1. I used an old gocco screen printing machine, which makes the process fast & easy. Though the gocco machine & supplies may no longer be readily available in the U.S. there are other DIY & at-home screen printing kits available like the Yudu Personal Screen Printer.

      Another option is to purchase ink-jet friendly iron-on transfer paper. Just make sure to flip your design prior to printing or it will appear backwards on the final piece.

  7. Did you order the 3x5 muslin bags or the 4x6?

    1. 4x6 is better for juice boxes. 3x5 is tiny.