Monday, September 27, 2010

see how they grow: one month, SP

remember this guy?

check back often to watch him grow up. we have mini sessions booked once a month throughout the year to capture the phases and stages of his first twelve months.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the muse

there was a time when photography occupied a great space in my life. it was a part of my identity, directing my creative self. it was an expression. a passage of time. an attempt at gaining insight. but time sped up, reality set in, I got a day job, and quickly the energy of the pursuit was lost. if I didn't have more than ample space to practice the art, it was too overwhelming an endeavor.

then she came along.

and then he.

they slowed life just enough to help me remember the impact of the moment. it's not just about recording a memory, but preserving something far more elusive -- a feeling, an emotion, an understanding of the external world, a realization of one's self.

and so I begin again, but the game has changed. the subject, the purpose, the drive are all so different this time around. it's not about me anymore.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

welcome little one: 08.26.2010

newborns are incredible subjects.

it might seem they'd be difficult to work with because they don't 'do' anything, but it's quite the opposite. slow time to split seconds, and focus there. shrink the frame to just one tiny feature. be ready and be patient. unguarded personality waiting to be captured. it may not be the personality they wear for the rest of their days, but there is something present from the first moments of life.

they act without interacting. they emote with every facial contortion, every stretch of their arms, even in the movement of their toes.

these first days are fleeting. being given the chance to capture them, an honor.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


first autumn chill. first weekend in. first indoor fire.
first football game. first runny nose.

changes of season bring me back to myself. it surprises me every time,
though I don't know why. it doesn't surprise anybody else.

'you want to listen to christmas music, don't you?'
   it's silly.

you're just so smart, and you know me so well.

so let's catch a falling leaf,
have a warm bath, turn in early, and maybe eat an oreo or two.
    it's the season for it.