Thursday, June 14, 2012

open faced radish sandwiches

summer is officially here.
our first box from angelic organics arrived today, and I'm eating radishes in celebration.

   man, oh, man. it's the taste of fresh goodness!

open faced radish sandwich
 makes one serving

   1 slice sandwich bread
   1 small radish or baby turnip (soaked in ice water, greens removed)
      generous serving of high-quality, unsalted butter (plugra is a favorite) 
      small handful young spinach leaves
      green onion
      pinch kosher salt
      fresh ground pepper

remove radish greens & soak radish in ice water for at least 30 minutes. DON'T discard the greens! (they make a lovely pesto . . . recipe to come, one of these days). after soaking, slice radish into paper thin discs (use a mandoline for easier slicing). thinly cross cut about 1" of green onion.

remove crusts from bread & cut into triangles. spread butter liberally on each half, and top with a couple spinach leaves. place several radish discs atop the spinach and sprinkle with green onion, salt & fresh ground pepper.

enjoy yourself some yummy summer flavors!

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