Thursday, November 4, 2010

the red cup

it's ridiculous. I know.

I should be too embarassed to admit that it makes me so excied. there is something about drinking my overpriced coffee from a brightly colored paper cup that gets me in the mood for santa claus, snow days, and stuffed turkey.

logical people are annoyed at how early the holidays start these days, but I'm hopelessly sentimental. it's barely november, and the carols play loudly on my stereo.

I dive head first into this shameless marketing ploy. it's nothing but exploitation but I don't care. it's a new sort of nostalgia--as processed as it gets--and I drink it right up.

merry christmas, everybody.

1 comment:

  1. hahhaa!! or should i say HO HO HO!!
    i heard ya lady. there is something nice and warm and fuzzy about that darn cup. i like to have hot chocolate in there...easy on the whip. hit some shops and lounge on the sofa with some good magazines. nose is chilly..feet are chilly..but you've got a great scarf on to keep you toasty. tis the season..xo may